//Clear Flush™ Total Body Purifier Liquid
  • Clear Flush Total Body Purifier - Pass hair drug test shampoo | How to pass a hair test

Clear Flush™ Total Body Purifier Liquid


Best rated pass urine drug test drink for marijuana. Clear Flush Total Body Purifier. Fast, reliable same day drug test detox. Good for medium to slightly higher toxin levels. Review our other many detox products that are trusted by thousands. If you are up against a hair follicle drug test, urine marijuana test or any other test we can help with our full range of permanent body detox programs and fast acting same day pass drug test detox drinks and pills.

Product Description

Clear Flush Total Body Purifier – Pass hair drug test shampoo | How to pass a hair test

Clear Flush Total Body Detox Capsules are extremely effective in removing unwanted toxins from the body. For light to moderate toxin levels, most toxins are completely and permanently removed from the body with one application. In the case of heavy exposure, or people over 180 pounds the body and fluids will be toxin free for up to five hours. Residual amounts of certain toxins are stored in the fat cells and will re-contaminate the body fluids at measurable levels after that time. That’s why we offer additional products which are intended to continue the cleansing process. At the end of which you will be toxin free until that toxin enters your body again.

  • Clear Flush Concentrated Capsules
  • Fast and effective detoxification
  • Removes Unwanted Toxins in 1 hour
  • Cleans Blood, Urine and Saliva
  • Detoxification lasts up to 5 hours
  • Safe proven, all natural formula
  • Double sealed for your protection
  • Each bottle coded and includes expiration date
  • 100% Guaranteed by manufacturer
  • Detailed instructions


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