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Omni Hair Follicle Shampoo Detox Cleanser

Omni Hair Follicle Shampoo Detox Cleanser
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Omni detox hair follicle shampoo is specifically designed to remove all contaminants in the hair. Our potent hair follicle detoxification system is an absolute hair detox product and has been put to the test with superior results. Successfully remove all toxins from your hair with Omni Hair Follicle Detox Cleanser
Formulated to remove ALL toxins from the hair shaft and hair follicle without damaging the hair. This Super Concentrated 1-oz. Bottle is recommended for persons with short hair. (above the shoulders). Hair Past Shoulder Length Requires 2 ( two ) Major damage to hair can be attributed to abuse such as alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, cocaine, etc. These and other pollutants can cause major damage to the structure and texture of the hair. Omni Hair Cleansing Shampoo is a permanent hair follicle detox treatment scientifically formulated to revitalize the hair and restore it to its natural state for cleaner, healthier, shinier hair.


Pass hair drug test shampoo chemical remover. Remove all substances from your hair follicle with true hair detox shampoos that are actual chemical removers. These products are not masking products which are easily detected in a drug test. Our hair detox shampoos and body detox kits will remove any drug from your hair follicle or your system including marijuana which is the most difficult. So if you are looking for hair drug test information and how to pass a drug test hair we can help you pass a drug test with our true detoxification products. Browse our full detox product line for all your permanent detox needs. If you have to pass a drug test urine or saliva in 24 hours we suggest you try one of our best rated rapid detox pills and rapid detox drinks. These rapid detox pills and drinks are active in your system within 15 minutes and usually last for about 8 hours. Pass a drug test with confidence knowing that you are using the top rated best detox kits, programs and fast acting detox pills and rapid natural detox drinks on the market. Detox at home to pass a drug test and cleanse your hair, urine, blood or saliva from any substance. Can't decide which detox products are right for you? Call our toll free order line for knowledgeable courteous help.



  How to pass a hair drug test? Use one of our hair follicle chemical removers. All are rated as the best hair drug test detox shampoos on the market. Pass a hair drug test. Pass hair drug test with chemical removing shampoo that removes toxins and not just mask them. Masking product are easily detected, our product have never been detected because they are true natural cleansers and chemical removers. Pass a hair drug test with Omni detox shampoo for low toxin levels, Total Brilliance detox shampoo or our Toxin Wash detox shampoo for extreme toxin levels of marijuana or any other substance. We offer quality body detox kits and complete body detoxification programs for all situations. Once you have completed any of the permanent detox kits you will be permanently clean until contaminated again. More great news is that we have heard that many of our customers have decided to stay substance free ( which we encourage ) because they felt so good after using one of our complete body detoxification kits. Some do not have time for a complete body detoxification program, for these customers that have to pass a drug test in 24 hours we suggest one of our many rapid detox drinks and natural detoxification pills that work in 15 minutes and can keep your system clean for up to eight hours. These rapid detox pills and natural detox drinks and true substance removers and are not masking agents. We always suggest that you test yourself after using and detox product to make sure you have accomplished to detox you require. Call our toll free customer service line with any questions you may have on which detoxification kits, natural detox drinks or fast acting detox pills is right for your situation.

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